Consulting requires trust. There are many standards and best practices that play a role.

Our consultants will guide you through the requisites fulfillment, implementation, upkeep and maintenance of compliant Records Management (RM) processes.

We do not stay on the surface. We go to the heart of Document and Records Management (DRM) and archiving, ensuring success in restructuring and modernizing operational information of an administration or a company.

Based on tried and tested methods and tools combined with industry specific experience, our most important consulting services include:

  • Analysing and structuring of business processes and roles
  • Building logical tools, like classification and metadata schemas
  • Development of company wide classification systems
  • Designing dossier types and structures
  • File plan and retention schedule
  • DMS/RMS system evaluations (in relation to an overall IT environment)
  • Records assessment and indexing
  • Training
  • Ongoing servicing of running RM processes

The following opportunities can be seized by organizations when they implement a DRM according to our methodology:

  • Audit and legal security is guaranteed on the physical level (data objects, documents) and process-level (dossiers). Rigorous adherence to the growing compliance requirements will be easier regardless whether they now apply to data protection, public law, product liability, execution of wills, account maintenance or cultural preservation.
  • The systematic and systemic approach can avoid uncontrolled growth as well as ‘Rube Goldberg’ or insufficient approaches.
  • A structurally stable integration of process and process information is the best remedy to combat the problems and costs of fragmented system environments.
  • A healthy mixture of "high tech" within the productive (dynamic) level and "low tech" (static) in the data storage and storage level.
  • The investment protection of relevant inventory data comes without additional effort, while data redundancy, data graveyards and data "entropy" remain absent.
  • The life-cycle management of data and documents is determined in a logical and expert manner. It can be logistically implemented due to a highly efficient storage infrastructure and well designed conversion and destruction processes.
  • A gain of 15% in working efficiency for all of the staff with records-responsibility can be achieved (search, retrieval, re-indexing).

Summarizing, our solutions reduce the complexity of everyday routine, ensure security, and make you more efficient.