Records and Information Management | Iron Mountain
Records and Information Management

A company’s business records represent its operational and financial value. Iron Mountain Switzerland offers solutions to ensure the secure management and availability of your important records, thereby boosting your efficiency in the long term.

Data Management | Iron Mountain
Data Management

Data backup and continuous availability of business-relevant information is essential. A dependable data protection strategy is therefore indispensable. Iron Mountain Switzerland ensures the secure storage and availability of your critical data.

Scanning and Digitising | Iron Mountain
Scanning and Digitising

Documents must be processed quickly, made readily available and archived in compliance with regulations. By selecting the right documents to digitise, you can streamline your workflows and help transform your organisation to more digital ways of working. We can advise and assist you on all aspects of digitisation.

Scan your off-site records for rapid access

If companies anticipate a reasonably active retrieval rate on their physical documents they store with Iron Mountain, our Image on Demand™ service allows them to scan records as and when they are needed.

Chapter 1. What is Return on Information?

Overwhelmed by the information entering your business? What is Return on Information? Can help you start to organise your information, make good storage choices and set the stage for an effective retention schedule.