Introducing Iron Mountain Speaks Up | Iron Mountain
Introducing Iron Mountain Speaks Up

At Iron Mountain we pride ourselves on being a trusted guardian and partner to our customers. It’s a mission that defines us, and its impact is felt in everything we do across all layers of our organisation.

Chain of Custody | Iron Mountain
Chain of Custody

This two-minute video describes how a network of transport, people, technology, and security helps keep your information protected—from pickup to arrival at a secure storage facility. And, when you need your information returned to you, the same safeguards are in place.

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Getting it Right from the Start: Ensuring a Secure Chain of Custody

You know the benefits of offsite records and information management. But if the fear of information being lost or stolen is preventing you from freeing up office space and securely storing information offsite, it’s time to consider a provider that takes the chain of custody seriously.

Chain of Custody Checklist | Iron Mountain
Chain of Custody Checklist

There’s more to selecting a third party information management provider than meets the eye. You should be completely satisfied that your sensitive data and records are protected from the instant they depart your premises.

Chain of Custody Blueprint | Iron Mountain
Chain of Custody Blueprint

Do you know what happens to your records and tapes when they leave your office? What about old IT assets that should be destroyed or securely recycled? What stops them from being lost and putting your business at risk?

Records and Information Management | Iron Mountain
Records and Information Management

A company’s business records represent its operational and financial value. Iron Mountain Switzerland offers solutions to ensure the secure management and availability of your important records, thereby boosting your efficiency in the long term.

Data Management | Iron Mountain
Data Management

Data backup and continuous availability of business-relevant information is essential. A dependable data protection strategy is therefore indispensable. Iron Mountain Switzerland ensures the secure storage and availability of your critical data.