Your challenge: to organise the daily flood of paper efficiently. Documents must be processed quickly and archived in compliance with regulations. They should also be readily available.

The requirements for quality management are high and selecting the right format is critical for internal records management, processes and compliance.

Well-directed document scanning lets us organise your data flow and enable you to work efficiently. We can advise and assist you on all aspects of digitisation.

Information in the form of extensive paper on one hand and the future-oriented digital information landscape on the other present businesses with difficult choices. Both aspects of the hybrid solution – physical and digital – are legitimate. And so the lifecycle, the structure of the information, its access and cost should determine the format.

Why scanning and digitising can make sense for your business

Business Process Optimisation
Digital work (in contract management, for example) contributes significantly to the productivity of your business.

Fast And Secure Access
When important documents are available in digital form, they can be accessed securely and flexibly worldwide via an encrypted platform or your DMS.

Cost Savings
Save space and money – office space can be better utilised or reduced and work processes can be streamlined!

Our scanning services at a glance

Archive Scanning

We digitise complete or partial archives and migrate the new format to holistic information structures.

Image On Demand

Do you require one or more of your paper documents archived with us? We scan them and send them right back to you.

Business Process Management

You can also integrate our scanning services directly into your existing work processes and IT infrastructure, thereby optimising them.