Business records chronicle your organization’s past. They have value, too: operational, financial and legal.

There is more to contemporary archive management than just managing archives. Next to protecting the records themselves, it is also about ensuring that the information they contain will indeed be available if called for. Rapid, reliable access to documents is crucially significant to your business success.

We organize and monitor archives whether completely or partially in one of our centres.

Outsourcing archival processes to one of our archive facilities, eliminates new investments in the customer’s own archival infrastructure, minimizes ongoing operational costs, improves processes, and ensures companies can concentrate on their core business.

We take care of secure transportation and delivery of files to our centres and back to the customer. Placing in and taking out of storage, be it a microfilm or laboratory samples, can be ensured anytime. 

Archived documents can be delivered physically, by fax or as a scanned image within a matter of a few hours.

Each transaction, task and process is monitored and registered to ensure security.

We also offer secure disposal of any materials at the appropriate time, when required.

This is the most basic and easy way to reach Lifecycle Records Management ISO certification.

"We build upon a long-term cooperation in which Iron Mountain Switzerland has always proven itself as a reliable partner archiving our business critical records in Switzerland."

Regina Woellner, Records Management Officer Basel - F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG