Do you manage and channel your company's information on the basis of your process and product structure? Are you able to easily map out and manage the life cycle of your records? Information management without data structure conceals numerous risks for your company:

  • A high level of redundancy (document duplication)
  • Inefficient life-cycle management
  • Time-consuming storage and search processes
  • Inadequate overview of compliance records
  • Failure of compliance and governance

System-backed information and records management helps your business to use and manage your information in line with the needs of your business model, and also to be able to account for it. Structure means being efficient and secure. Searching and retrieving means having an overview of and access to your information.

We help your company to

  • Develop a set of rules for automatic information management
  • Map out these rules according to your system
  • Train your employees and finally
  • Re-process and reduce the amount of data-in your old information records.
"We build upon a long-term cooperation in which Iron Mountain Switzerland/Sispace has always proven itself as a reliable partner archiving our business critical records in Switzerland.”

Regina Woellner, Records Management Officer Basel - F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG