Converting an archive is essentially a “clean-up” process.

Here, business-relevant information is separated from “non-records” and shaped into manageable form.

We support you through all these challenges. Our solutions take the complexity out of everyday working routine, assure security and make operating procedures more efficient.

In the first step we create a clear Records Management structure with our clients.

A new metadata catalog renders retrievals of archive units possible at any time - regardless of whether your archive will reside on your premises (on-site archive), or if you decide to use our physical archiving services (off-site archive).

The detailed work steps are described in the following:

  1. We work with you to define criteria that will later be used for searching.
  2. Records are given a unique, bar-code for identification.
  3. Archive units undergo a thorough census.
  4. Defined search criteria are recorded and entered into a database.
  5. Units are logged and packed into archive containers.
  6. Records are shipped off to the archive.
  7. The database undergoes a QA process.
  8. Each box is assigned a unique archive location.

These measures help in a straightforward transition to everyday routine where order can become a workable internal business process in any company.

"We build upon a long-term cooperation in which Iron Mountain Switzerland has always proven itself as a reliable partner archiving our business critical records in Switzerland."

Regina Woellner, Records Management Officer Basel - F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG