Our intelligent archive boxes enable archiving in standard sizes.

The foldable Sibox has been optimised for archiving in areas where A4 material is used.

Whether archive boxes, document cases, binders, hanging file folders, computer lists, books or other items, the sturdy Sibox ensures that the volume of archive goods held at any one time always complies with the SUVA weight limits by holding only as much as will comply with the limits. Special fields for the customer index, SiLabel index, content, transfer controls, seals and disposal allow for the quick implementation of cost-effective archiving standards. 

The Sibox is very easy to use, making it extremely popular with customers. The archive box optimised in A4 format holds five to six binders, four large filing boxes, seven small filing boxes or a complete hanging folder. 

Foldable, sturdy, water-repellent and equipped with two ergonomically positioned carry handles, the Sibox forms the ideal basis for the efficient and cost-effective storage of physical archive material.

"We build upon a long-term cooperation in which Iron Mountain Switzerland/Sispace has always proven itself as a reliable partner archiving our business critical records in Switzerland.”

Regina Woellner, Records Management, Officer Basel - F. Hoffmann – La Roche AG