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Unlock your paper-burdened workflows and work more digitally.
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Increase Efficiency with Document Digitisation

Our team will work with you to create a document imaging solution designed to achieve your short-and long-term objectives. Based on your needs and expectations our experts will recommend ways to increase efficiency by managing your information digitally.

Digitising physical documents with our document imaging services will optimize your business applications and better leverage your technology investments. Fast, secure access positions you to meet compliance objectives and other business obligations.

Customer Success Stories

We can help you transition to a more digital workplace. Over 230,000 customers around the world trust us to protect their information and automate business processes. We scan more than 1.2 billion images a year. Our expertise and technology allows us to recommend changes that can dramatically improve your business. Working digitally will shorten cycle times, increase productivity and yield greater value from your information.

Why Iron Mountain?

  • We are able to link your physical and electronic records and information, wherever they reside.
  • We have 65+ years of experience protecting customers’ information security and privacy.
  • We provide best-in-class technology with solutions that can help you to reduce your IT burden, avoid capital investment and reduce operating costs.
  • Our breadth of services means you to deal with fewer vendors.

Additional Services We Provide

image on demand highlight - iron mountain employee scanning document

Image on Demand

We scan your documents on an as-needed basis.

Workflow Automation

Automate and streamline your backoffice workflows.
Back File Conversion -Man Using IPad | Iron Mountain

Back File Conversion

Unlock the value of information in your stored paper records and documents

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