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Secure e-Waste and IT Asset Disposition

Choose a secure, responsible and compliant solution.

New ways of working give your business the competitive advantage. But what will you do about those lingering old IT assets? There’s more to disposing of your aging laptops, mobiles, servers and other equipment than meets the eye. Not only is there a threat that your data could be recovered and your business compromised—you’re also legally obligated to meet the European WEEE Directive, as well as governmental and organisational environmental protection mandates.

You need to dispose of your old IT equipment safely, responsibly and compliantly. And, you must be able to prove that you’ve done so. If you don’t, the risks to your business and the fines you accrue may run into the millions—and that pile in your office could keep getting taller.

Watch our video to see why over 85% of FTSE 100 companies employ Iron Mountain as their secure information management supplier.
What if you could:
  • be certain any remaining data is protected and deleted before asset disposition?
  • free up space in your office or storage areas?
  • be confident your end-of-life IT equipment is disposed of in a compliant and environmentally responsible manner?
  • track your equipment throughout the entire disposition process with a chain-of-custody audit trail, including certificates of data deletion and asset recycling and destruction?
  • offset the costs of destruction and recycling by reclaiming any monetary value through equipment re-marketing?

Iron Mountain’s Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD) solution allows you to dispose of, recycle and re-market your old, retired and end-of-life IT equipment. You’ll know where your assets are at every stage of the disposition process and get the best market value for any that are reusable. You’ll also gain the peace of mind that comes from choosing a vendor that values security and compliance.

What you gain:
  • industry-leading chain-of-custody, secure logistics and patented vehicle security
  • a secure and structured IT asset disposition strategy that helps your organisation avoid adding to the global e-waste problem
  • confidence that your end-of-life assets are handled in line with environmental protection regulations such as the EU WEEE Directive and the ISO14001 Standard
  • possible residual value from any reusable equipment, to help offset the costs of destruction and recycling via the world’s largest IT asset distribution network

A solid IT asset disposition programme meets all of your disposal needs while maximising retired asset value in a secure, efficient and green manner. Iron Mountain offers you all of that and more. Secure IT Asset Disposition is a necessity, and Iron Mountain has a comprehensive programme to meet all of your disposal and remarketing needs.

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